Email marketing is a fantastic way to stay in touch with your customers and help you with proactively marketing your products. Here are the benefits of email marketing to consider for your business.

1. Save costs

Some marketing activities are an expensive and costly way to reach customers and prospective clients. Emailing is using the data that you already have and is an extremely cost-effective way of promoting your services or products. Emailing is also a fast and cheap way to communicate order confirmations, registrations and service updates.

2. Enhance your communications

Communications with your customers using email marketing is instantaneous and simple to distribute. Because of its immediacy, emails are a perfect way to promote time-sensitive information, offers, discounts and promotions. Email marketing also drives customers to your website using links that they simply click in the email. This will help to promote your specific products, services and offers by driving them to specific pages of your website.

3. Increase your company reach

When you send an email to a customer, there is also the opportunity of your email being forwarded and sent onto the recipient’s contacts and it going viral. Emails can also be shared on social networks and will have a wider footprint reach than you originally intended. Emails can be integrated into your existing systems and digital marketing activities in a number of ways that will extend your brand in the marketplace more than ever before. A greater number of emails are being accessed and read on mobile phone devices, so your emails can be also read by your customers on the move.

4. Sophisticated targeting

Email marketing will give your customers greater choice and options in the type of information they wish to receive from you. With every email you send you can create sophisticated targeting that will allow you to email highly targeted content based on your customers’ actions, preferences and selections.

5. Build strong relationships

Building a stronger relationship and rapport with your clients is vital to your business. Email marketing offers a cheap, fast and effective way of staying in contact with your customers. It helps to strengthen your brand as well as increase loyalty to your company and products.

6. Measure performance accurately

The beauty of email marketing is that it is completely transparent and measurable, so you can see what success is being achieved immediately. You can measure the cost of emailing and the return on the number of incoming calls and emails, sales and transactions. There is  a wide range of measurement criteria for email marketing you can measure and track which gives greater insight into your marketing successes which in turn improves your campaigns’ performance.

7. Improve your Green credentials

With more and more focus on greener ways of working, email marketing is an eco-friendly way to reach your customers and cuts down on wasteful paper-based marketing methods as well as huge printing costs.