blog contentBlogging is an essential part of SEO marketing. As well as boosting organic and targeted web traffic, regular blog content adds value and a range of further benefits for your website, brand and company. A weekly blog can improve organic traffic levels and help to build trust with customers.

Six benefits of blogs and SEO

1. Create new and fresh content for search engines

Search engines can’t get enough of new content and will come back time and time again to your website to crawl for and index new content. Relevant blog articles that are useful to prospects and your customers are rewarded by search engines. Search engines love new content and it will help you to rank for your content as well as your products or services. Your additional blog content will also appear in the search engine results.

2. Increase Opportunity to Rank for Keyword Phrases

Creating new blog posts creates more opportunity to boost SEO rankings for a variety and extended range of keyword phrases. Long tail keyword phrases will also be ranked over time which extends keyword reach with users who are searching for products that you offer. Rankings for additional keyword phrases can typically double in one year.

3. Improve trust with customers

Blogs are ideal to educate prospects and customers and add value for them rather than just sell to them. A blog will allow you to educate and inform customers which is important to improve your trust level with customers and position yourself as an expert in the market you are in. It also gives you credibility over and above your competitors.

4. Help your customers

An ideal use for a blog is also to answer your customers’ questions and inform customers about your industry and trade, usage of products and various other information that they will find useful. If you are hearing recurring queries and themes from your customers or potential customers, you can address these in blog articles by giving useful information, answering questions and offering solutions to their problems. This in turn will position you as a credible supplier and resource.

5.  Link and cross-sell your products

Blogs are also ideal for internal linking to your products which in turn helps your on-site SEO. If you’re offering a valuable piece of advice and information, you can link to your products that are going to help you customers and provide them a solution. This is another way to drive traffic and gain additional keywords and search term results – by providing an answer or information on a particular topic and offer a product that helps.

6. Get blog articles shown in rankings

Google is constantly changing its algorithms in order to discover relevant content that users want to find and showing it in the search engine page results. By regularly posting original blog articles and content and sharing these on your Google+ page, this will help to show you higher in the search results for your blog articles. This also enhances your Google Authorship and `Author Rank’ and search engine blog post results will include an author photo which improves the credibility and trust factor with users.

Blog articles appearing in the search engine results could lead to a sale when a searcher is looking for a particular answer to a query or is researching a product that you offer. A customer clicks on your blog article link, reads your article and because they like what they read it motivates them to get in touch with you.

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