1.    Visibility and brand awareness

Your company, organisation, products and services will be more visible if you are on the first two pages of Google. It’s been proven that 75% of users don’t click past the first page on Google, which means that you won’t be seen by searchers who are looking for a particular product or service at the time that they are searching and looking. This is such a missed opportunity.

2.    Stay ahead of competition

Not appearing in the search rankings also ties in with losing out to your competitors. If they are higher than you in the search engine results, or are simply just showing on the search engine results and you’re not, then users are more likely to visit their website. Companies that have SEO implemented will be getting more traffic driven to their website than those that don’t have SEO.

3.    Quality, targeted traffic

SEO will bring higher quality traffic to your website that is targeted to what your company offers. At the point of searching, users will be looking for a particular product or service and have a specific need. When your search results appears higher on the page, you are deemed automatically by that user to have more relevance for the product or service they are looking for.

4.    Cost effective digital marketing

SEO is one of the most cost effective forms of digital marketing. Sure, you will need to invest in getting your SEO up and running and also maintain your SEO rankings; however, it still is a lower cost than other forms of marketing activity. SEO is also an excellent long-term marketing strategy that you will be able to reap the investment rewards from. When a keyword has reached a high ranking, you don’t have to pay each and every time for the traffic that it generates for your business. According to research inbound leads generated from search and keywords costs are 61% lower than outbound generated leads.

5.    Popular form of digital marketing

Search marketing, as well as email marketing, is also the most popular form of digital marketing according to research into business marketing activity. This would point towards its cost effectiveness and also it’s a no-brainer to get your website optimised for search results. If you have a website, you’re half-way there to getting some great rankings for your business.

6.    Sell more

Searchers will also associate a high ranking position with a high quality brand, so that means the higher you rank on the Google page, the more kudos you will have with prospective customers. Search traffic also has a higher propensity to convert into leads and sales than other marketing media. Your website’s structure, content and navigation will also play a key role in the conversions process. Providing that your website is clear, loads quickly and is easy for a user to navigate to what they are looking for, you will inevitably gain more conversions.

7.    SEO ideal for local businesses

SEO is a brilliant way for local businesses to advertise their local offering to a local market. SEO can be targeted and used in your local markets and it gives you a competitive edge locally. The Google Local pages also allow a full listing and business information for local businesses that will appear  in the search rankings results.

8.    Changes in how people buy

The way that both consumers and businesses are buying is getting more and more sophisticated and has changed considerably. Search is an important part of that process, and search is used in reviewing products and services as well as finding the right product and service. Search can help achieve all of these goals and give your customers what they are looking for.

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