Our Client

MotorAid LogoMotorAid is an independent car and commercial vehicle servicing and repairs specialist. Based and operational across Essex for fifteen years, they offer customers outstanding customer service for motor maintenance, servicing and repairs. MotorAid were awarded with two business awards by Basildon District in 2010.

Their Challenge

MotorAid’s natural, unpaid search engine traffic was limited with no ranking results because their site was not fully optimised and they had limited inbound links, an important factor for ranking well in the search engines.

Our Solution

We needed to increase their search engine rankings and their natural search engine traffic as well as build exposure for their website. So we performed indepth research into their business, customers, competitors and market and carried out keyword research so we could identify highly targeted keywords that would achieve results for their website.  We selected the priority keywords to use and incorporated these into the various elements of the pages across the site needed for Search Engine Optimisation, including titles, meta descriptions, headings and copy.

We also set up and implemented a Link Building strategy that encompassed the new keywords. We built quality links to their website to gain higher rankings.

The Results

MotorAid has achieved an extraordinary growth in natural, organic search engine traffic over a period of 17 months and exposure to their site. Throughout the project, non-paid search engine visits have increased by 301%. During the first six months of the project non-paid search engine traffic increased by 117%, whilst for the first year it increased by 180%. Search engine saturation increased leading to an increased volume of keywords used to find the site, a massive growth of 783% over 17 months.

There has been great growth and exposure to their site overall from a variety of traffic sources, including Pay Per Click campaigns, of 240% over the period of the campaigns. With the maturation of the Link Building campaign, the site achieves many number 1 positions in Google and across other search engines, with much higher search engine saturation than before.

“We have a very good working relationship and in doing so Mark understands exactly how our company should be marketed and targeted.

We can clearly see that our business will increasingly gain more new customers and above all more profit.”

Steve Abbs, Managing Director