AdWords Remarketing2018-06-29T10:09:23+00:00

Google AdWords remarketing, also known as AdWords retargeting, enables you to show ads to customers and potential customers that visited your website.

Remarketing can show ads to visitors who didn’t convert on your website, for example if they did not buy a product or fill out a form. Once someone has left your site without converting, the system can be set up to show your ad across the Google Display Network (e.g. on blogs, informational sites and forums). The prospect may then click on your ad and return to your website for a second opportunity to convert, for example, completing a contact form. Remarketing can be set up to only show ads to those who did not fill out the form.

Remarketing can also be used to show ads to those visitors that did convert. Remarketing is very flexible and you can tailor a campaign to suit your business goals. For example, you could cross-sell and up-sell products or services that related to an original ad that displayed. Once remarketing is set up in your Adwords account, all that is required is that the remarketing code is pasted into the relevant page or pages.

We have set up many AdWords remarketing campaigns for clients in Surrey and across the UK, with excellent results. Our clients enjoy the benefit of their campaigns attracting additional leads and conversions for a favourable cost per conversion.

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