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As an SEO company, we have expertise in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and provide SEO services for clients in Surrey, London and across the UK. As well as on page optimisation, a major part of the SEO work that we offer is link building services.

For a free, no-obligation SEO review please call us on 0208 914 8998.

84% of searchers never reach page 3 of the search engine results. One study discovered that the top 3 Google results get 79% of all clicks. Moreover, the nearer your site is to the number one position, the greater the chance that visitors will convert to sales. Searchers associate a high ranking position with a high quality brand. Of course a quality web site will help to convert visitors and this is why we take an integrated approach to web design and website optimisation for the search engines.

SEO is the process of optimising a site, so that it ranks higher in the search engines for specified keywords. There are two main elements to SEO.  First you need to include keywords on your pages that you expect users to search with. Second, you need links to your site from other sites. When a site links to yours, search engines such as Google think of this as a vote for your site and essentially rank it higher.

Although we have achieved many top ranking positions in competitive markets, we don’t promise first position rankings, as many other SEO companies will in order to get your business. It is very easy to rank for a non-competitive term and some companies will achieve rankings for you for terms that are rarely searched on. If there is no traffic out there to begin with, then it’s just not worth the effort. What we will do is assess the market or niche in which you operate and offer you a realistic expectation of what we can achieve and the timeframe involved.

It may be that your competitors are using an SEO company to implement SEO, in which case they will have the edge on you digitally. To get the edge over them, please contact us for advice on Search Engine Optimisation and for an SEO audit of your website.

We provide SEO services all over the UK, and are based in Surrey.

You may also be interested in our Google AdWords Consultant services, as pay per click works extremely well together with SEO.


"A very professional, thorough and honest team who I have recommended to other business contacts and who give a value for money service."
Carole C, Marketing Manager, Pensions company
“A very professional, thorough and honest team who I have recommended to other business contacts and who give a value for money service."
Daniel H, Director, UK property portal
“We already understood that to move our business forward ahead of our competitors we had to get a good company to promote and push our business model up the internet ladder. Mark Chambers has done just that.”
Steve A , Owner, Motor servicing company
"I have very high opinions of Mark, he handles the SEO elements of a number of my projects and he has been nothing but helpful, resourceful and more importantly, yields very good SEO results.”
Joe-Kwun Lam, Director, Consultancy