Google Penalty Recovery Service2013-07-31T15:25:17+00:00

Since 2012, Google has been updating and changing their algorithms with major updates that have affected many websites’ rankings. These Google updates include Panda and Penguin. Many companies have seen their rankings drop severely as a result of the updates. This is usually because of over-optimisation on the website itself and poor quality and spam link building work that has been carried out by other SEO companies.

We are happy to say that our clients’ rankings have not been affected, because we have always maintained the control and quality of our SEO and link building service. We don’t outsource to freelancers who don’t care about what they are doing and we don’t risk your business and rankings with spam techniques. To make a higher profit for themselves, some SEO companies outsource their link building to cheaper SEO companies overseas where there is no control and also where the client has no idea what links have been built using their brand and website.

If you have experienced a drop in your website rankings as a result of a Panda or Penguin penalty, please contact us sooner rather than later.  Here is what we can do to help you with a Google recovery:

  • We can take a look at the links that are pointing back to your website and carry out a detailed analysis
  • We identify the problems and causes for your drop in rankings
  • We discuss the options with you
  • We put in place an SEO recovery plan
  • We monitor and review the situation

Call us now and we’ll be pleased to discuss what we can do to help.