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We don’t offer SEO packages! Why? Because we don’t think they give you, the customer, value for money.

SEO packages offered by an SEO company will often limit you to a capped number of keywords, ranging typically 7, 12, 15 or 20 keywords. We don’t think that is fair nor realistic because an SEO company should be ranking you for all of the keywords that are relevant to your business and products and that can help you drive traffic. With SEO packages you will also be limited on the breadth and number of SEO activities that we think should come as standard, such as competitor research and keyword research. SEO packages are therefore more of a convenience and add value for the SEO company rather than for the customer.

We take the opposite approach. We will tailor a bespoke solution for your business factoring in your budget, market, competitors and the appropriate SEO deliverables. We provide an all-round solution including looking at competitors and your market, and don’t penalise you by not providing certain services or more keywords because you fit into a package that suits us more rather than you.

Please call or contact us to discuss how we can help you with SEO for your requirements.