2504, 2021

What does a Google AdWords consultant do?

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If you are a business owner who is struggling to get people to your website, and then struggle again once they arrive at your website, you need an AdWords consultant. What does a Google AdWords consultant do? An AdWords consultant will help make sure that your company's ads reach the right audiences at the right time. They will also help you ensure that all of your campaigns are running smoothly and effectively by monitoring them on a regular basis. The aim of an AdWords consultant is often to increase profit for the business by increasing traffic and conversions. This article [...]

2412, 2016

SEO Case Study of a Dormant 9 Year Old Website

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I graduated as a mature student in 2005 and this resulted in 3 large cardboard boxes of essays, reports, research and floppy disks. I wondered what I should do with all of this information and knowledge that I had spent countless (and sometimes seemingly eternal) hours creating. With the huge investment I'd made both financially and in time, I couldn't bring myself to chuck out my essays, although I purged many of them later. However, I kept the files in electronic form. After graduation I set up a business website that eventually turned into the one you're reading this on [...]

2908, 2016

AdWords Expanded Text Ads for Large Accounts

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Google recently announced the introduction of Expanded Text Ads (ETAs), one of the biggest changes ever in AdWords in my opinion. Advertisers now have the opportunity to create better ads with more characters, including two headlines, together with a description line combined into one 80 character field. These can run alongside the old standard text ads for now to help test and improve the new ad format. The character limit for ETAs are: Headline 1 = 30 characters Headline 2 = 30 characters Description = 80 characters Directory Path 1 & 2 = 15 characters each This is a 47.4% [...]

105, 2014

How Blogs Helps SEO and Builds Authority

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Blogging is an essential part of SEO marketing. As well as boosting organic and targeted web traffic, regular blog content adds value and a range of further benefits for your website, brand and company. A weekly blog can improve organic traffic levels and help to build trust with customers. Six benefits of blogs and SEO 1. Create new and fresh content for search engines Search engines can’t get enough of new content and will come back time and time again to your website to crawl for and index new content. Relevant blog articles that are useful to prospects and your [...]

1904, 2014

What is the Best Digital Marketing Channel To Drive Traffic and Get Customers?

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A really useful infographic by Conductor has highlighted the effectiveness of 4 key digital marketing channels i.e. SEO, PPC, Social Media and Email Marketing based upon getting the most visitors, the most customers and the best ROI.

3008, 2013

Social Media Engagement

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For digital marketing, social media is a fantastic way to spread the word about your products and services and engage with your audiences. Here's an infographic showing the engagement factor of different social media channels. Comparing YouTube with Facebook, Google+ and Twitter, you can see the engagement levels for each channel. YouTube has a higher level of engagement because videos have more longevity, whilst Twitter has less engagement but more virality. Interesting stuff so take a look.

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