2107, 2022

Digital marketing for business

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We have written a comprehensive guide on digital marketing for your business. 1. Setting your business goals and objectives 2. Why is digital marketing so important? 3. Benefits of digital marketing 4. Digital marketing strategy 5. Types of digital marketing tactics 6. Having a digital presence 7. Customer audience online 8. Put the customer at the centre of everything you do 9. Poor customer experience 10. Traditional marketing and digital marketing 11. Our guide to digital marketing 11.1 Grow and increase organic search traffic with search engine marketing 11.2 Content marketing 11.3 Grow your social media followers 11.4 Social media [...]

2504, 2021

What does a Google AdWords consultant do?

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If you are a business owner who is struggling to get people to your website, and then struggle again once they arrive at your website, you need an AdWords consultant. What does a Google AdWords consultant do? An AdWords consultant will help make sure that your company's ads reach the right audiences at the right time. They will also help you ensure that all of your campaigns are running smoothly and effectively by monitoring them on a regular basis. The aim of an AdWords consultant is often to increase profit for the business by increasing traffic and conversions. This article [...]

2908, 2016

AdWords Expanded Text Ads for Large Accounts

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Google recently announced the introduction of Expanded Text Ads (ETAs), one of the biggest changes ever in AdWords in my opinion. Advertisers now have the opportunity to create better ads with more characters, including two headlines, together with a description line combined into one 80 character field. These can run alongside the old standard text ads for now to help test and improve the new ad format. The character limit for ETAs are: Headline 1 = 30 characters Headline 2 = 30 characters Description = 80 characters Directory Path 1 & 2 = 15 characters each This is a 47.4% [...]

2002, 2013

Demystifying Google AdWords Enhanced Campaigns

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Adwords Enhanced Campaigns are being rolled out to Adwords accounts from February 2013 and all campaigns will automatically upgrade at around mid 2013. What are Enhanced Campaigns? Google has updated Adwords to reflect the growing use of multiple devices to access the web, such as computers, laptops, tablets and mobile phones. Google says Adwords 'lets you capture the power of context', 'context such as location, time of day and device matter and provide you more opportunities to reach people with more relevant messages'. So, advertisers can more easily reach customers with ads that are more suited to their search context. [...]

1702, 2011

How is Your PPC Campaign Set Up? 11 Ways On How Not To Run a PPC Campaign

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There are many Pay Per Click (PPC) platforms, but Google Adwords is the most popular and for the purpose of this article we will focus on Google Adwords campaign set-up and how not to do it, with solutions to improve campaigns. 1. Don’t have any objectives and don’t plan your campaign You will need to set up a campaign by thoroughly planning it first. Produce a questionnaire to answer questions such as ‘What are my business goals for my PPC campaign?’ and answer questions as precisely as possible. For example with the question above you may answer:  ‘I want to [...]

1702, 2011

How To Stop Customers Clicking Off Your Website

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Your website is your business’ most critical tool to: Attract new customers Sell your products or services Convert to leads and sales There are some dos and don’ts for creating a great website and most importantly of all to give your customers an excellent experience on your website so that they don’t want to go elsewhere. Here is a checklist of 11 essential issues to prevent your customers clicking off your website. 1.         Get great web design If your website is poorly designed, graphically and in terms of usability, it is going to put potential customers [...]

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