Our Client

MotorAid LogoMotorAid is an independent car and commercial vehicle servicing and repairs specialist. Based and operational in Essex for fifteen years, they offer customers outstanding customer service for motor servicing and repairs. MotorAid have been awarded two business awards by Basildon District in 2010.

Their Challenge

MotorAid had poor performing Adwords PPC campaigns with a high cost per click and a low conversion rate. There was also no measurement in place that allowed them to effectively measure their campaigns in relation to the traffic on their website.

Our Solution

We needed to reduce their campaign costs and drive a higher quantity and quality of leads.  We analysed their existing Google Adwords account and researched MotorAid’s business, their customers, services and any other marketing activity. We carried out keyword and competitor research and built new, focused campaigns and groups of keywords with highly targeted ads.  We found that the campaign wasn’t set up to perform its best, and the copy for the adverts were not targeted enough, nor well written to encourage people to click through. We wrote a range of completely new and fresh ads to help the volume of targeted click-throughs. We also set up campaigns so that ads did not appear for irrelevant searches and vastly improved the quality of their leads.

We also developed improved landing pages and content that were established as part of an integrated approach to Search Engine Optimisation and Pay Per Click activity.

The Results

Within one month of our new campaign going live,  we reduced cost per click by 57%. In three months we increased conversions by 130% and increased conversion rate by 143%.

There has been huge growth overall from the PPC campaigns, of 240%. We also implemented Adwords conversion tracking so that all of the campaigns are completely transparent and measurable in terms of their ROI, and MotorAid can see exactly where their money is going.

“MotorAid has been working with Mark Chambers now for about eighteen months.

We already understood that to move our business forward ahead of our competitors we had to get a good company to promote and push our business model up the internet ladder, Mark Chambers has done just that.

Our test results show that 73% of our new customer leads now come from the work that Mark has done and we can clearly see that this has been a good return on investment and no doubt value for money.

Steve Abbs, Managing Director

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"Mark at Espan has been managing, maintaining and optimising our Google Adwords account for the last 3 years. Thanks to Mark, enquiry levels have increased by over 500% during this time and we're incredibly grateful for all the time and effort he's spent on our account."
Edward, Owner, luxury watch dealer
"Espan are professional, resourceful, passionate, always willing to offer great advice in any area we require, go the extra mile and we know we can rely on them to help us achieve our business goals. Mark is always friendly, proactive and responsive and it is a pleasure working with him."
Marion, Marketing, data company
“A very professional, thorough and honest team who I have recommended to other business contacts and who give a value for money service."
Daniel, Director, UK property portal
"Espan’s work with us has been outstanding. Since Mark took over our online marketing, enquiries for our services have more than doubled. Sales have increased and our business has expanded."
Dwayne, Owner, counselling company
“We already understood that to move our business forward ahead of our competitors we had to get a good company to promote and push our business model up the internet ladder. Mark Chambers has done just that.”
Steve, Owner, motor servicing company
"The results are both instant and long lasting, using trusted methods and a deep, comprehensive knowledge."
Rachel, Marketing Manager, recruitment agency
"We regard Espan as a key partner in our business. They deliver strong results and went above and beyond to support us when we re-launched our website this summer."
Nadia, Marketing Manager, dental implants company