PPC Audits

With our specialised PPC audit, we analyse your current PPC campaign and produce a comprehensive report that fully details improvements to increase your conversions and improve your PPC budget’s return on investment. We focus mainly on Google AdWords Audits, but also offer Bing Ads audits. An alternative to a PPC audit is our free Adwords Health Check.

Why have a PPC Audit?

There is no one formula to set up a PPC campaign, and many PPC companies get it wrong. If your campaign is set up poorly and sloppily and targeted to the wrong audience, is bidding on keywords that are too generic or competitive and therefore costly to you, and is displaying low quality ads with poor conversion rates, then you are throwing your money down the drain.

It is really important to get the process for PPC advertising right and working in synergy. It’s a real shame when companies have a poor experience with PPC when they run a campaign that has been set up badly, has cost them a lot of money unnecessarily and then they don’t want to try PPC advertising again.  It doesn’t have to be like that.

We can take your Google AdWords or Bing Ads campaign from underperforming and costing you a large amount of money to being streamlined, effective and achieving higher results at a lower cost. The first step to achieving this is a PPC Audit.

Here’s what we do:

  • We look at your business, your market and your competitors.
  • We analyse every part of your PPC Campaigns and account and look at areas where budget spend can be reduced and be much more effective, and where campaigns are poorly targeted.
  • We analyse your campaign structure, keyword phrases, negative keywords, advert effectiveness and settings and make recommendations for improvement to increase conversions and click through rate and reduce cost per click.
  • We look at bid management and quality score for your keyword phrases.
  • We also look at your landing pages and recommend improvements to increase conversions.
  • We look for opportunities, such as keyword gaps and opportunities for new campaigns.
  • We advise on opportunities of using the Display Network.
  • We make recommendations about A/B testing various ads/ adgroups/ campaigns to maximise their performance.
  • We review your competitors’ PPC campaigns and let you know how you can get the competitive edge.

If you would like to discover more about our PPC Audits,  please contact us or view our full range of AdWords Consultant services.


"I have very high opinions of Mark, he handles the SEO elements of a number of my projects and he has been nothing but helpful, resourceful and more importantly, yields very good SEO results.”
Joe-Kwun Lam, Director, Consultancy
“A very professional, thorough and honest team who I have recommended to other business contacts and who give a value for money service."
Daniel H, Director, UK property portal
"A very professional, thorough and honest team who I have recommended to other business contacts and who give a value for money service."
Carole C, Marketing Manager, Pensions company
“We already understood that to move our business forward ahead of our competitors we had to get a good company to promote and push our business model up the internet ladder. Mark Chambers has done just that.”
Steve A , Owner, Motor servicing company

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