PPC Audits

PPC Audits

Using our specialised PPC audits, we analyse your current PPC account and produce a comprehensive report that fully details improvements to increase your return on investment. We focus mainly on Google Ads audits, and also offer Bing (Microsoft) Ads audits. There is a fee to perform a PPC audit.

As Espan did not set up the campaigns being audited, we will not have a full understanding of the thinking behind the set up. So, if it’s set up well, we’ll let you know that your current agency is doing a good job. We won’t pick holes and take your money.

Why have a PPC Audit?

A PPC audit highlights errors, weaknesses and missed opportunities within your current Google Ads account and campaigns. We also assess what is working well. There is no one formula to set up a PPC account, but there are best practices, and many PPC agencies in our experience can get it wrong.

You’ll be wasting money if your campaigns are:

  • Set up poorly and sloppily and targeted to the wrong audience
  • Bidding on keywords that are too generic or competitive and therefore costly to you
  • Displaying low quality ads with poor conversion rates.

Our approach to account set up and improvement is granular, with each element of the account being joined-up and the best it can be, whilst improving performance on a monthly basis with our monthly PPC management service.

So it’s really important to get the process for PPC advertising right and working in synergy. It’s a real shame when companies have a bad experience with poorly set up PPC campaigns that have cost a lot of money unnecessarily, and they don’t want to try PPC advertising again. It doesn’t have to be like that.

With our PPC audit, we can transform your underperforming, low ROI Google Ads campaigns to being streamlined, effective and achieving better results. Using our years of knowledge, we know what works and what doesn’t.

Here’s what we do

Our PPC audits are thorough and insightful. We look at all aspects of your Google Ads account including: structure, settings, targeting, keywords, search terms and negative keywords, bidding, ad copy, ad extensions plus much more. Our PPC audit is conducted manually by a Google Ads consultant and assisted by software, which offers the combined advantage of analysis tools and interpretation with human experience. We give you a PDF of points and recommendations as well as a call to discuss the audit and moving forward with PPC improvements.

Our PPC audit checklist asks these questions:

  • Are the campaigns profitable? If not, why a low ROI?
  • What isn’t it working well?
  • What’s working well and what can we learn from that?
  • Are there any elements in the account that are resulting in wastage?

Here’s a detailed look at the PPC audit process.

PPC audit checklist

1. Tracking and measurement

  1. Is conversion tracking via Google Ads or Google Analytics in place?
  2. Are relevant conversion actions being tracked?
  3. In many ways the above are prerequisites to an effective PPC audit.

2. Account structure

  1. Is the structure suited to your business, website and goals?
  2. Is it easy to manage and organised logically and methodically?
  3. Are there opportunities for new campaigns and ad groups? Are there any gaps?
  4. Are there any ad groups that should be separated into their own campaign?

3. Settings

  1. Are they as they should be to maximise performance?
  2. Are any settings wasting money?

4. Targeting

  1. Is the targeting set up in the best way?
  2. Is the targeting granular enough?
  3. Are there any errors in the targeting, for example showing ads in the wrong geographical regions?
  4. Are there any targeting elements that should be blocked because of poor performance?
  5. How is bidding for the targeted elements, is it uniform and not optimised?

5. Keywords

  1. Are keywords relevant to your business?
  2. How is performance?
  3. Are there keywords that are not adding to your profit goals?
  4. Are there keywords missing that could be profitable for your business?
  5. What keyword match types are being used and how?

6. Search terms and negative keywords

  1. Are there any irrelevant search terms that users have used to click on your ads?
  2. Are the negative keywords organised and formatted in the best way?
  3. Are there search terms triggering multiple ad groups/keywords?

7. Bidding

  1. Are you bidding according to your ROI and business goals and within the target cost per conversion action in relation to the ROI/profit calculation?
  2. Can bids be reduced to result in more clicks for the same budget?
  3. Are there bids that are too low to compete effectively?
  4. How are bid modifiers performing for location, time and device for example?

8. Ad copy and performance

  1. What ad types are being used, do they need updating to the latest format, currently Responsive Search Ads?
  2. Are ads being AB tested, i.e. more than one ad in an ad group?
  3. Is the copy well-written and appealing to your target audience?
  4. How are the conversion and click through rate metrics of ads?

9. Ad extensions

  1. Are these being used?
  2. What is the performance?
  3. Are they well-written?

10. Quality Score

Quality Score is a measure of relevance of the relationship between the user’s search query, the keyword in the account, the ad and the landing page.

  1. Are there issues with keywords/ad groups with low Quality Score? Can keywords be split into more granular groups and paired with a more relevant ad?
  2. How can we improve click through rate of ads?
  3. Can landing pages be improved?
  4. Find out more about Quality Score here.

11. Landing pages and conversions

  1. How are your landing pages converting?
  2. Is the correct conversion tracking set up?
  3. Are landing pages confusing for users and is there a poor user experience?
  4. Do pages load quickly?
  5. Is there a clear call to action?

12. Other opportunities

  1. Is the Display Network being used to develop awareness and drive additional conversions?
  2. Is remarketing being used on Display and Search Networks?

13. Missed opportunities

For example, using the Display Network or remarketing to develop awareness and bring back customers to convert.

14. Look at your business, your market and competitors

Get in touch to find out more about a PPC audit and how it can benefit your business.


“A very professional, thorough and honest team who I have recommended to other business contacts and who give a value for money service."
Daniel, Director, UK property portal
"Espan’s work with us has been outstanding. Since Mark took over our online marketing, enquiries for our services have more than doubled. Sales have increased and our business has expanded."
Dwayne, Owner, counselling company
"We regard Espan as a key partner in our business. They deliver strong results and went above and beyond to support us when we re-launched our website this summer."
Nadia, Marketing Manager, dental implants company
"Mark at Espan has been managing, maintaining and optimising our Google Adwords account for the last 3 years. Thanks to Mark, enquiry levels have increased by over 500% during this time and we're incredibly grateful for all the time and effort he's spent on our account."
Edward, Owner, luxury watch dealer
“We already understood that to move our business forward ahead of our competitors we had to get a good company to promote and push our business model up the internet ladder. Mark Chambers has done just that.”
Steve, Owner, motor servicing company
"The results are both instant and long lasting, using trusted methods and a deep, comprehensive knowledge."
Rachel, Marketing Manager, recruitment agency
"Espan are professional, resourceful, passionate, always willing to offer great advice in any area we require, go the extra mile and we know we can rely on them to help us achieve our business goals. Mark is always friendly, proactive and responsive and it is a pleasure working with him."
Marion, Marketing, data company

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